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Soft White Bread
Age Group
Under 15
Weightlifting Age
15 (Born 2009)
Andrew Saxton 20192022
Jay Saxton 20192022
George Winston 20242024



Personal Bests


Competition History

Oly 4 Kids40.5529346321/07/2019115.239UNGRADED
WWA State U15/U17 Championships & Open40.3028(+4) 38(+3) 6628/07/2019121.406UNGRADED
WWA State Seniors & School Sport39.1529(+3) 41(+4) 7025/08/2019132.243UNGRADED
Australian U15 & U17 Championships40.00(+3) 3240(+2) 7228/09/2019133.350UNGRADED
WWA Open40.10(+3) 35(+4) 45(+8) 8015/12/2019147.829Youth Nat
OX WLC39.50(+1) 36(+1) 46(+2) 8212/01/2020153.639Youth Nat
WWA Under 15 & Youth Championships + July Open Competition42.15(+8) 44(+4) 50(+12) 9419/07/2020166.100Jun Nat
WWA Senior Championships + August Open Competition43.00(+1) 45(+1) 51(+2) 9616/08/2020166.701U23 Nat
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards44.4541509114/12/2020153.600Jun Nat
Wolf Pack45.75(+1) 46(+3) 54(+4) 10030/01/2021165.239Jun Nat
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition45.80(+4) 50(+1) 55(+5) 10521/03/2021173.345Jun Nat
WA State U15/17s & Modified Session46.30(+3) 53(+2) 57(+5) 11016/05/2021179.981U23 Nat
WWA Junior, Under 23, Seniors & Open48.8552(+3) 60(+2) 11224/07/2021175.540U23 Nat
WWA Open51.45(+2) 55(+2) 62(+5) 11724/10/2021176.234Youth Nat
WA End of Year Open, School Sports & Awards51.55(+2) 57(+3) 65(+5) 12212/12/2021183.499Youth Int
WWA March Open52.7057(+1) 66(+1) 1236/03/2022182.009Youth Int
Rev Barbell Comp53.40(+4) 61(+4) 70(+8) 1319/04/2022191.995U23 Nat
WWA U15/U17 States & May Open53.6560681281/05/2022186.967U23 Nat
Australian Youth & Under 15 Championships54.3559691284/06/2022185.242U23 Nat
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open54.9061(+1) 71(+1) 13210/07/2022189.675U23 Nat
Ox WLC club competition57.20607013020/08/2022181.585Youth Int
Australian Junior & Under 23 Championships56.80607113126/08/2022183.856Youth Int
WWA Senior States & October Open57.5060(+1) 7213221/10/2022183.729Youth Int
Kaya Barbel62.30(+2) 63(+5) 77(+8) 14030/03/2024185.045Youth Int
WWA 2024 Junior + U23 + April Open62.30617513614/04/2024179.758Youth Nat

Competition Attempts

Oly 4 Kids40.5525272927343829346321/07/2019
WWA State U15/U17 Championships & Open40.3028292932353828386628/07/2019
WWA State Seniors & School Sport39.1528282938394129417025/08/2019
Australian U15 & U17 Championships40.0030323236384032407228/09/2019
WWA Open40.1031333541434535458015/12/2019
OX WLC39.5031343641444636468212/01/2020
WWA Under 15 & Youth Championships + July Open Competition42.1538414447505344509419/07/2020
WWA Senior Championships + August Open Competition43.0040404548515345519616/08/2020
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards44.4541434350535341509114/12/2020
Wolf Pack45.75404346485154465410030/01/2021
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition45.80454850485255505510521/03/2021
WA State U15/17s & Modified Session46.30454953535761535711016/05/2021
WWA Junior, Under 23, Seniors & Open48.85485255556065526011224/07/2021
WWA Open51.45535555586265556211724/10/2021
WA End of Year Open, School Sports & Awards51.55525557606365576512212/12/2021
WWA March Open52.7057606064666857661236/03/2022
Rev Barbell Comp53.4057596164677061701319/04/2022
WWA U15/U17 States & May Open53.6558606264687260681281/05/2022
Australian Youth & Under 15 Championships54.3555595965696959691284/06/2022
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open54.90586161656971617113210/07/2022
Ox WLC club competition57.20565860656770607013020/08/2022
Australian Junior & Under 23 Championships56.80586060666971607113126/08/2022
WWA Senior States & October Open57.50606363666972607213221/10/2022
Kaya Barbel62.30576063707477637714030/03/2024
WWA 2024 Junior + U23 + April Open62.30576164727578617513614/04/2024

Percent Successful Lifts

State Events2281%80%80%
Higher Events (National/International)367%89%78%
All Events (Overall)2576%84%80%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 22 events-3kg - 24 events
When missed-2kg - 2 eventsN/A

History of Records Broken

CJ34F45WAJunior21/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ34F45WAU2321/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ34F45WAUnder 1521/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ34F45WAYouth21/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH29F45WAJunior21/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH29F45WAU2321/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH29F45WAUnder 1521/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH29F45WAYouth21/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH29F45WASenior21/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL63F45WAJunior21/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL63F45WAU2321/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL63F45WAUnder 1521/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL63F45WAYouth21/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ38F45WAJunior28/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ38F45WAU2328/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ38F45WAUnder 1528/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ38F45WAYouth28/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ38F45WASenior28/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL66F45WAJunior28/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL66F45WAU2328/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL66F45WAUnder 1528/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL66F45WAYouth28/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL66F45WASenior28/Jul/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ41F40WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ41F40WAYouth25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ41F45WAJunior25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ41F45WASenior25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ41F45WAU2325/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ41F45WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ41F45WAYouth25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH29F40WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH29F40WAYouth25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL70F40WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL70F40WAYouth25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL70F45WAJunior25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL70F45WASenior25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL70F45WAU2325/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL70F45WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL70F45WAYouth25/Aug/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ40F40AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Celine Huynh
SNATCH32F40WAUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH32F40WAYouth28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH32F45WAJunior28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH32F45WASenior28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH32F45WAU2328/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH32F45WAUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH32F45WAYouth28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH32F40AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Celine Huynh
TOTAL72F40AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Celine Huynh
TOTAL72F40WAUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL72F40WAYouth28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL72F45WAJunior28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL72F45WASenior28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL72F45WAU2328/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL72F45WAUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL72F45WAYouth28/Sep/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ45F45WAJunior15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ45F45WASenior15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ45F45WAU2315/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ45F45WAUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ45F45WAYouth15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ45F45AWFUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH35F45WAJunior15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH35F45WASenior15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH35F45WAU2315/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH35F45WAUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH35F45WAYouth15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH35F45AWFUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL80F45WAJunior15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL80F45WASenior15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL80F45WAU2315/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL80F45WAUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL80F45WAYouth15/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL80F45AWFUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ70F55WAUnder 1509/Apr/2022Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH61F55WAUnder 1509/Apr/2022Current Record
TOTAL131F55WAUnder 1509/Apr/2022Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ71F55WAUnder 1510/Jul/2022Current Record
TOTAL132F55WAUnder 1510/Jul/2022Current Record
CJ70F59WAUnder 1520/Aug/2022Broken by Ciara Quinsee
SNATCH60F59WAUnder 1520/Aug/2022Current Record
TOTAL130F59WAUnder 1520/Aug/2022Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ71F59WAUnder 1526/Aug/2022Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL131F59WAUnder 1526/Aug/2022Broken by Ciara Quinsee
CJ72F59WAUnder 1521/Oct/2022Current Record
TOTAL132F59WAUnder 1521/Oct/2022Current Record
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