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Lifter's Name Jed Stanley Gender M
Club Origins Weightlifting Club State WA
Coach Michael Pileggi
Age Group Youth Weightlifting Age 17 (Born 2006)

Personal Bests


Competition History

WWA State U15/U17 Championships & Open36.6018224028/07/201989.247UNGRADED
WWA Open37.80(+3) 21(+5) 27(+8) 4815/12/2019103.652UNGRADED
Origins41.25(+7) 28(+11) 38(+18) 6616/10/2020130.895UNGRADED
Origins Club Comp41.30(+4) 32(+6) 44(+10) 7619/03/2021160.771UNGRADED
WA State U15/17s & Modified Session42.30(+1) 33(+0) 44(+1) 7716/05/2021159.178UNGRADED
AWF Youth & Under 15 Championships43.65(+1) 34(+3) 47(+4) 813/07/2021162.549UNGRADED
WWA Open45.50(+3) 37(+3) 50(+6) 8724/10/2021168.034UNGRADED
WA End of Year Open, School Sports & Awards45.15(+3) 40(+5) 55(+8) 9512/12/2021184.781UNGRADED
WWA March Open46.80(+2) 42(+1) 56(+3) 986/03/2022184.539UNGRADED
WWA U15/U17 States & May Open47.25(+2) 44(+1) 57(+3) 1011/05/2022188.578UNGRADED
Australian Youth & Under 15 Championships48.50(+1) 45(+1) 58(+2) 1033/06/2022187.957UNGRADED
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open48.85435710010/07/2022181.349UNGRADED
WWA Senior States & October Open52.15(+1) 46(+5) 63(+6) 10923/10/2022187.060UNGRADED
WWA EOY Open & School Sport53.10(+4) 50(+1) 64(+5) 11411/12/2022192.774K
WWA Junior & Under 23 + Open Championships53.10(+2) 52(+4) 68(+6) 1205/03/2023202.920K
Origins Club Comp52.50(+1) 53(+0) 68(+1) 1215/05/2023206.517K

Competition Attempts

WWA State U15/U17 Championships & Open36.6017182022242418224028/07/2019
WWA Open37.8019212324273021274815/12/2019
Origins Club Comp41.3028303240424432447619/03/2021
WA State U15/17s & Modified Session42.3030333342444633447716/05/2021
AWF Youth & Under 15 Championships43.653234354244473447813/07/2021
WWA Open45.5032343744475037508724/10/2021
WA End of Year Open, School Sports & Awards45.1535384050535540559512/12/2021
WWA March Open46.803838425256584256986/03/2022
WWA U15/U17 States & May Open47.2540424454576044571011/05/2022
Australian Youth & Under 15 Championships48.5040434550505845581033/06/2022
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open48.85404345545760435710010/07/2022
WWA Senior States & October Open52.15434648576063466310923/10/2022
WWA EOY Open & School Sport53.10475052606467506411411/12/2022
WWA Junior & Under 23 + Open Championships53.1052555565686852681205/03/2023
Origins Club Comp52.5050535564687053681215/05/2023

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1473%71%73%
Higher Events (National/International)283%83%83%
All Events (Overall)1673%75%74%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful0kg - 14 events-1kg - 13 events
When missed-2kg - 1 events0kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ38M49WAUnder 1516/Oct/2020Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ38M49WAYouth16/Oct/2020Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL66M49WAUnder 1516/Oct/2020Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL66M49WAYouth16/Oct/2020Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ47M49WAUnder 1503/Jul/2021Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ47M49WAYouth03/Jul/2021Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ50M49WAUnder 1524/Oct/2021Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ50M49WAYouth24/Oct/2021Broken by Jed Stanley
TOTAL87M49WAUnder 1524/Oct/2021Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL87M49WAYouth24/Oct/2021Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ55M49WAUnder 1512/Dec/2021Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ55M49WAYouth12/Dec/2021Broken by Jed Stanley
TOTAL95M49WAUnder 1512/Dec/2021Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL95M49WAYouth12/Dec/2021Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ56M49WAYouth06/Mar/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
SNATCH42M49WAYouth06/Mar/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL98M49WAYouth06/Mar/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ57M49WAYouth01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ57M55WAJunior01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ57M55WASenior01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ57M55WAU2301/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ57M55WAYouth01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
SNATCH44M49WAYouth01/May/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL101M49WAYouth01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
TOTAL101M55WAJunior01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
TOTAL101M55WASenior01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
TOTAL101M55WAU2301/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
TOTAL101M55WAYouth01/May/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ58M49WAYouth03/Jun/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ58M55WAJunior03/Jun/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ58M55WASenior03/Jun/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ58M55WAU2303/Jun/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
CJ58M55WAYouth03/Jun/2022Broken by Jed Stanley
TOTAL103M49WAYouth03/Jun/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL103M55WAJunior03/Jun/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL103M55WASenior03/Jun/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL103M55WAU2303/Jun/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL103M55WAYouth03/Jun/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ63M55WAJunior23/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ63M55WASenior23/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ63M55WAU2323/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ63M55WAYouth23/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL109M55WAJunior23/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL109M55WASenior23/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL109M55WAU2323/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL109M55WAYouth23/Oct/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ64M55WAJunior11/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ64M55WASenior11/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ64M55WAU2311/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ64M55WAYouth11/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL114M55WAJunior11/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL114M55WASenior11/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL114M55WAU2311/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
TOTAL114M55WAYouth11/Dec/2022Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ68M55WAJunior05/Mar/2023Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ68M55WASenior05/Mar/2023Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ68M55WAU2305/Mar/2023Broken by Jacob Stanesby
CJ68M55WAYouth05/Mar/2023Broken by Jacob Stanesby
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