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WACT Update

Sep 19 2019

An update on our activities for the last quarter of 2019:

Vacancy on the WACT Committee

A position for an Ordinary Member has become available. The Ordinary Member is important to the functioning of WACT’s Committee and decision-making process. If you would like to nominate for the positionplease send an email to using the text below to confirm your nomination. Please note, to be eligible to nominate for a position and/or vote you must be a current financial member of WACT and have your nomination endorsed by a member of WACT.


Nomination text - "I, [insert your full name], being a current financial member of Weightlifting ACT, would like to nominate myself for the Weightlifting ACT Committee position of Ordinary Member. My nomination is endorsed by [insert full name of Weightlifting ACT member], who is also a current financial member of Weightlifting ACT, and has been copied into this email as confirmation of their endorsement."


Development Officer for WACT

We are also seeking interest for the position of a WACT Development Officer. The officer will support the work of the executive, helping with:

·         Processing memberships;

·         Organising volunteers for competitions;

·         Developing updates / newsletters and other tasks to be agreed with the Committee.

Email if you are interested, even if it’s just for an initial try-out – no strings attached. Weightlifting ACT may subsidise 2020 membership fees for the prospective Dev Officer.


AWF Senior National Championships 2019 - Volunteering

The Senior National Championships in Canberra will take place in one month. Weightlifting ACT has three athletes lifting with Australia’s best in this qualifying event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Technical Officials can volunteer to officiate at the 2019 AWF National Senior Championships. We encourage all WACT Technical Officials to consider participating. The Referee Availability form should be completed and returned to by Monday 30 Sep 2019. Please let us know if you have issues downloading the form.

Referee upgrade – If any State referees are seeking to upgrade to National level, this is the perfect opportunity to do so (no need to travel far!). WACT can help with a quick eligibility check and advise of your readiness to upgrade. The AWF Referee upgrade factsheet can also be found our website. 

Loaders needed – We need more volunteers! No need to be a technical official to load, just willing and able. Email to help out.



If you know someone who’s put off joining WACT because of steep membership fees, here’s a sweet little incentive to do so for this last quarter. Memberships from Sept-Dec 2019 will be pro-rated for adults to $45, and junior/youth lifters at $35. Membership expiry is 31 Dec 2019.


Upcoming events

Coming up in Nov 2019 is the ACT Club Championships to conclude WACT’s competition calendar for the year. The battle of the clubs will be a fantastic opportunity to lift as a unit and showcase those club / coach skillz… For current non-lifting members who would like to upgrade to full membership to lift at Clubs, it is only an extra $10 (+entry fees). 

If you’re an individual, fear not, we can organise you into 'Nomad' clubs if you'd like. This year’s super friendly Club Championships will also be open to novices! Time to rope your family and friends into appearing on the platform with you. Details to follow in October. Contact for queries on registering novices.

Please keep an eye out our website and Facebook for further details and updates.

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