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Weightlifting ACT Memberships

You can now manage your WACT membership online. For those looking to join, or renew their membership please go to

If you are an existing member looking to renew, you can speed things up by using your myAWF Code, which you can retrieve via

Move House? Change your mobile? Not a problem, click on the link My Membership at the bottom of any page of the WACT Website, and use your myAWF Code to update any details that may have changed with your membership.

Membership Declaration and Conditions of Membership

When you apply for membership of Weightlifting ACT Inc. (WACT), you agree to be bound by the rules of the Association as follows:



1. That the activities as a weightlifter involve a risk of injury which is accepted by me.

2. Whilst insurance cover may be arranged by WACT it is my responsibility to satisfy myself as to the adequacy of this insurance. If I am unable to satisfy myself that adequate insurance has been arranged, then it is my obligation to arrange additional insurance cover to meet my requirements.

3. Acceptance of WACT or its affiliates of the application for registration of an athlete is not evidence of, or acknowledgment that insurance cover has been arranged for the athlete.

4. That in consideration of the acceptance of registration of me, no member of WACT and its affiliates or any officer, agent, coach, team manager, or any other person having the care or control of me shall be liable for damages for any injury or loss suffered by me while I am engaged in competing, training, or preparing for any weightlifting competition or tournament.

5. I agree to indemnify WACT and its affiliates and any and all its officers, employees, agents, coaches or managers against all liability for damages arising out of or in connection with any injury suffered by me however caused while I am competing, training for, taking part in, or travelling to, or from, any weightlifting competition or tournament.

6. I declare that I will only participate in weightlifting activities whilst I am medically and physically fit and free from impairment and able to do so without causing an increased risk to the health and wellbeing of myself and other participants.

7. I agree that WACT retains the right to publish and utilise data and images of my participation in weightlifting activities for the purposes of promoting WACT and its programs and events.

Anti-Doping Policy

8. I am familiar with and agree to comply with the AWF’s Anti-Doping policy (available on its website here) which is the anti-doping policy of WACT and declare that I am not currently subject to a period of ineligibility imposed by any sporting organisation for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

WACT Policies and By-Laws

9. I am familiar with and agree to be bound by and comply with all policies or By-Laws of WACT as in force from time to time and as published on its website.


Membership Fees

WACT’s membership year runs January-December. Memberships received at different quarters of the year are pro-rated.

Adult (Senior / Master)


01 Jan - 31 Dec 2020




01 Apr - 31 Dec 2020




01 Jul - 31 Dec 2020




01 Oct - 31 Dec 2020



01 Jan - 31 Dec 2020




01 Apr - 31 Dec 2020




01 Jul - 31 Dec 2020




01 Oct - 31 Dec 2020

Coach / Referee / Other Non-lifter


01 Jan – 31 Dec 2020


Coaches, referees and other non-lifters can upgrade to full lifting membership at any time of the year by paying the difference in rates. Please contact WACT for details ( WACT will process this manually.

WACT Novice Membership Form *(for Novice competitors only - for specified Novice competitions)*


Forming an affiliated Team or Club

Team / Club Affiliation Form (super easy!)


Volunteering at WACT events

Volunteer at upcoming WACT events by signing up here:


Corporate documents

WACT Constitution


WACT Policies

WACT Technical Official and Volunteer Recognition Policy

WACT Competition Policy

WACT Guest Lifter Policy

WACT Guest Lifter Nomination Form

WACT Dispute Resolution Procedure


Technical Officials

Referee availability form - 2019 Senior Championships

AWF Referee Upgrade Factsheet


WACT Competition Rules for Athletes


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